How to help

This project was conceived as a user-supported endeavor, with all readers being encouraged to contribute.

Given the initial goal of providing daily recordings of Lauds, what is needed to accomplish this are people able to look up the texts & music, record the chant, and post the resulting mp3 of Lauds for a given day.

If this sounds like something you are able and willing to do, leave a comment on the current “schedule”, and let me know what days you can help with: one possibility would be to have folks volunteer to do specific days here and there, as one-off’s; but if you are able to help on a weekly basis, and take care of, for example, Wednesday’s, this would be most appreciated.

Either way, what I will then do is contact you and invite you to be an author of this blog, and you will then be able to post your own posts. Alternatively, I suppose you could send your recording to me, and I could post it for you.

Anyhow, this should give a basic idea of how this site is intended to work; my hope is to form a community of contributors such that this project may prosper indefinitely without causing an undue amount of trouble to any of us.

Vale in Domino,



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