Notes for the user

A post on this blog should regularly contain an mp3 of Lauds, together with a couple of page reference links which will take you directly to the musical scores used to create the recording.

The full text in parallel Latin and English may also be had through the site linked in the sidebar,, by using the default option “Rubrics 1960” together with the appropriate date, and clicking on the hour “Laudes”.

Thus far for the reader’s perspective.

For the potential contributor, will also be a good starting point of reference, in that you can use it as a way to make sure you are covering all of the required text.

Next, the necessary music must be looked up in the Antiphonale Romanum (1960). [For a more compact file, which will be the one linked to in the posts, use the version found here.]

To give an overview, I have put together an Outline of Lauds, which may also be useful as a planning sheet; for example, you could print it out and annotate with page numbers as needed.

Finally, I have also made an attempt at two surveys or summaries: one to address which options would be good to use with respect to Ad Libitum Variants in the chant for the Divine Office, and one to cover 1962 Rubrics for the tones used in the Antiphonale Romanum.

Thus far for the resources I have made to help cover the problems that will confront the contributor.

Please do let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions; and I should always be happy to help if I can.

Vale in Domino,



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