In Festo Beatae Mariae Virginis de Guadalupe Ad Laudes

AR 2
AR 245
LU (6) – Antiphons, etc.
CMAA Forum – Hymn
AR 1912 p. 658 – Bened. Ant. Quasi arcus

For the text only, but with a translation, click HERE.

Note: This is a feast III class, proper to the United States of America. For example, a Missale Romanum I have on hand gives it in the section “Missæ Propriæ Diœcesium Statuum Fœderatorum Americæ Septentrionalis”.

As far as I know, the editions of the Antiphonale Romanum that are available online do not have a supplement for the U.S.A. Thus, I have consulted various other sources to find the music for today.

If anyone happens to have any other sources for this music, please let me know. Especially useful to have would be the Benedictus Antiphon Quasi arcus in an edition with rhythmic signs.

[Inserted note: There is a commemoration of Feria II. of the third week of Advent.]


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