In Nativitate Domini Ad Laudes

A merry Christmas to all!

For today’s recording, thanks to N. and N., who helped out with the singing.

AR 2
AR 264

[Alternatively, see LU 395, which is what we were actually singing from for this.]

For the text only, but with a translation, click HERE.

For a different way to access the recording above, click HERE.

Note: properly, there ought to be distinction of roles such as leader, cantor, and so forth; however, as we were doing this fairly on-the-fly, I simply took all of the intonations myself to save trouble.


2 thoughts on “In Nativitate Domini Ad Laudes

  1. Thank you (and your volunteers) for undertaking this immense project. This has been the most amazing, fruitful Advent season of my life. Your work of love has been such a blessing. May God continue to richly bless you.


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