Die Sexta post Nativitatem Ad Laudes

AR 2
AR 264

For the text only, but with a translation, click HERE.

For a different way to access the recording above, click HERE.


3 thoughts on “Die Sexta post Nativitatem Ad Laudes

  1. Dear Jonathan, Thank you for all your hard work so far. I only found out about your project a day or two back. Initially, I assumed you would be in the US, and was happy this morning to find today’s Lauds already posted in time for me here in the UK. May I ask at what time you are putting up each day’s post? Also, I wondered when we had the Commemoration of St Thomas, whether you are intending to use the calendar of any particular country or region?


  2. Mr. Graham,
    I am in the USA, and am following that calendar, using DivinumOfficium.com as my way of determining what the correct texts are for any given day.

    However, I have set the time-zone of the blog to UTC+12:00, so that the blog’s date changes over to the next day as soon as possible. Then what I have been doing is making the recordings ahead of time, and then setting them to post automatically as soon as the date switches over. I am glad to hear that this is a success!

    How do you observe St. Thomas in the UK ?


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