Getting started

To post on this blog, all you will actually need is:

• A way to record sound.
• A way to edit sound (unless you are going to post unedited recordings).
• A (free) site online where you can post your finished recordings.
• Appropriate chant books (all available in .pdf online).

To get things started, just leave a comment somewhere or shoot me an e-mail saying that you would like to be able to contribute here.

I can then send you an invitation to be an “Author” on this blog.

Once you receive such an invitation and accept it, you will be able to post your own posts on the Dominus regnavit blog whenever you want; and whenever you decide that you can do a recording for a certain day, all you have to do is leave a comment on the appropriate “Schedule” post, and everyone will know that this day will be taken care of.

That’s all there is to it, really.

However, I have also put together a variety of explanatory resources, which are given below.

• In case you wanted to know: How I Do Things
• If you’ve never done Lauds before: An Outline
• Checklist: An Outline of Lauds detailing Which Tones to Use
• When Posting: A Sample Template, with Annotations

I also link here two broader surveys which I did for reference:
1962 Rubrics for the tones used in the Antiphonale Romanum
Ad Libitum Variants in the chant for the Divine Office

For the record, here are the former explanatory pages, now archived as posts: About, How to help, Notes for the user.

Finally, if you ever need help with anything, you can always ask a question HERE.